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The evocative set design by David Shirk, and innovative costumes by Janice Deneau and Marie Meier create just the right tone of both whimsey and mystery.

Info: You may purchase your ticket at the Box Office by cash or check on the date you attend. Credit cards are not accepted at the Box Office. An American woman in a moving performance by Christine Albright and her Tibetan husband a sympathetic Kurt Uy are making a life together in the United States with their son, Tenzin, who has just turned 3.

Interspersed with Tibetan Buddhist ritual and dance, and featuring renouned Berkeley-based Tibetan artist Tsering Dorjee Bawa, the play is as powerful as it is beautiful. The little boy is a puppet manipulated by three pupeteers Jed Parsario, Melvign Badiola, and Tsering Dorjee Bawa as the voice of the little boy. Newhouse Theatre in November Scenic Designer Collette Pollard cleverly designed two sets. Other particularly notable contributions to this production include the magical boy-puppet design by Jesse Mooney-Bullock; excellent dramaturg by Julie McCormick; and lighting by Jeff Rowlings was effective and always appropriate.

The Oldest Boy is extremely imaginative throughout, and hypnotically beautiful. This is a gorgeous production, not to be missed. Purchase tickets online at www.

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Ross Valley Players theatre is proud to open its new season with the hilarious and heartwarming comedy, Glorious! As Florence Foster Jenkins, Ellen Brooks brilliantly evokes the excruciatingly awful singing of a woman who has little sense of pitch or rhythm and is barely capable of sustaining a note. She is a singer whose pianist makes adjustments to compensate for her tempo variations and rhythmic mistakes. She shrieks, squeaks, and screeches — but so what, she loves it! Ellen Brooks is terrific as she emulates Florence Foster Jenkins, a soprano diva who is at once both a ridiculous and fascinating subject.

Jackie Blue portrays Mrs. Special mention should be made of Michael A. This hilarious play will continue through Oct. Tickets: rossvalleyplayers.

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This is pure theatre magic! Choir Boy takes place at the Charles R.

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  • Drew Prep School, an institution devoted to the development of extraordinary young black men. This play is a series of vignettes focusing on Pharus Jonathan Young Jelani Alladin , a talented singer at the school. Director Kent Gash has created an ensemble of performers who work as a unit, while each actor manages to maintain his individuality. The Headmaster enlists Mr. Pendleton Charles Shaw Robinson , a retired Caucasian faculty member, to help the singers work together and think through their difficulties.

    Jelani Alladin succeeds in portraying the different sides of Pharus: a young man who wants to be loved and accepted, but who understands the need to follow the rules. Headmaster Marrow, as portrayed by Ken Robinson, sympathetically shows how the Headmaster is occasionally in over his head, and Charles Shaw Robinson adds some comic relief as Mr. Pendleton, who emerges gradually from being less shy and becoming more authoritative. Choir Boy is at the top of my list of shows not to be missed!

    Each scene contains from one to three actors and the entire show runs about 90 minutes. Continuing through August 9. Discount tickets are also available on Goldstar. Resnick is wildly funny as Mary, who with her newly unemployed husband Ben, is attempting to survive in their suburban home. Director Josh Costello keeps this dark comedy moving as we watch the social fabric of the American psyche fray strand by strand. Heather Orth and Juliana Lustenader lead the cast in spot on performances.

    This is ensemble acting at its best. A Pulitzer-Prize-finalist, The Clean House is a comic drama that mixesfantasy and reality as it tells the story of five dissimilar people.

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    Throughout the play, the actors address the audience to talk aboutthemselves or imagine situations involving other characters. The play openswith three characters coming out to address the audience. Matilda LiviaDemarchi comes out first, with a tantalizing untranslated joke told with anexuberance that transmits a fair amount of its humor.

    As we learn, she isfrom Brazil. Next, Lane Sylvia Burboeck , a doctor in her 50s, comes out to explain thatMatilda, her Brazilian maid, is depressed and has been failing to clean herhouse. The Clean House is a play that keeps revealing surprising secrets and layersof rich feelings as it goes along. Director JoAnne Winter blends itscontrasting tones with subtle precision. We may never come to a full understanding ofthe jokes life plays on us, but the wisest and possibly noblest response isto have a good laugh, anyway.

    Through June 14th. He has penned numerous plays that have enjoyed additional success. Trouble takes place in a world of reality TV writers who are up against a deadline. Like the world they write about, the characters are obsessively narcissistic. One is immediately struck by their stylized language, which is exceedingly clever and exaggerated.

    These are not people you would want to have over for dinner, do business with, or trust with your lovers. Which brings up the main problem with the play: Why do we want to spend 90 minutes with people so hard to care about who only care about themselves? Without giving away the twist at the end, Dresser takes us on a whirlwind journey as we follow them through the machinations of selling their story ideas to their superiors to its startling and somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.

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    Production values are high with an excellent ensemble of actors including: Kyle Cameron as Joe the newbie writer in awe of his job , Marissa Keltie my favorite, as the fiancee obsessed with her skin condition , Patrick Russell the over the top writer willing to lie to make a buck , Nandita Shenoy who moves with panache in her lovely sari , and Liz Sklar whose quick costume changes add to her precarious climb up the career ladder.

    Director May Adrales keeps the pace moving.

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    Costume Designer Tatjana Genser coordinates color elements with set pieces--especially noticeable are the shocking red shoes with the blood red glow of the lamp. The Fringe of Marin is now celebrating its 25th season with some of the most innovative work of San Francisco Bay Area playwrights, directors, and actors. Established by Dr.

    Essential Midwifery Practice Simpson Louise Byrom Sheena Downe Soo

    Annette Lust in , who was a professor at Dominican University, and who continued to run the festival until her death two years ago in late February. Gina Pandiani, a Dominican alum who graduated in , then stepped up to the plate as Managing Director to make sure that the show will continue to go on at the Fringe of Marin. This review is centered on Program B, which consists of four plays and one monologue.

    Program B opened with Chill , written and directed by Nathan Day. In Chill , a bickering young couple, Suzy Iris Mallgren and Bobby Nick Coelius are dressed in bathing suits and sitting in beach chairs. They wrap their beach towels around themselves. Chill was well cast with a good contrast in character. It was well directed with a lot of laughs from the audience.

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    That light satirical play was followed by Wii , written and directed by Gary Green. Nico Canivet, a child actor, plays Liam, who was trying to make a difficult adjustment. Director Gary Green should have moved the important scene on the couch forward toward the audience instead of at the back.

    Nico Canivet is wonderful as Liam in a challenging role. The last play before intermission was Alby and Me , written, directed, and acted by veteran Fringe favorite, Steve North. Steve North is a real pro, who has performed stand-up comedy at the Marsh in Berkeley. Steve has a great sense of comic timing, and he had the audience roaring with laughter as an aging actor trying to remember his lines.

    He carries a script as a prop. Steve North has the skill to keep the audience in the palm of his hand.