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QT8 See Event. However, "by the book" Inspector Moore, though starting out overenthusiastic, proves herself valuable, and matures quickly, earning Harry's respect in the process. Sudden Impact , directed by Clint Eastwood. The film's plot revolves around an aging, but still bitter "Dirty" Harry Callahan being sent to a small town to follow up a lead in a murder case, which leads him directly to a rape victim who is out to avenge herself and her catatonic sister by killing the people who sexually assaulted them. It is best known for the phrase "Go ahead, make my day," which is often incorrectly attributed to the first film.

In the final film of the series, Harry finds out about a game called Dead Pool, in which people bet on which celebrity will die next. Eventually, someone tries to rig the game by killing certain celebrities. The film was not a commercial success, and it remains the final entry in the series due to Eastwood's refusal to reprise the character, feeling his age would make Harry a parody. I went out and said, this is not a Dirty Harry movie, this is nothing, this is a pale sequel.

Another character in That Yellow Bastard is Nancy , who had no surname in the four previous comic books, but in That Yellow Bastard she is given the surname Callahan. Hartigan's character is more of a pastiche or caricature with Miller's own elements of characterization and development. This film featuring Jackie Chan , was Chan's second American movie. It is similar to the Dirty Harry series and the director, James Glickenhaus had tried to make Chan's character as similar to Dirty Harry as possible. It ended up being a commercial failure, and Chan largely regretted ever making this film.

The film, also directed by Eastwood, stars Clint Eastwood as Nick Pulovski, an aging, tough cop who partners with a younger cop, played by Charlie Sheen. Reviewers noted the similarities between Eastwood's characters Callahan and Pulovski. Warner Home Video owns rights to the Dirty Harry series. They have been packaged in several DVD box sets. The Dirty Harry films made their high-definition debuts with the Blu-ray discs. Although it is non-canon to the Dirty Harry film series and novels, it incorporates several references to the film series.

In the early s, writer Dane Hartman wrote a total of twelve novels that further the adventures of Dirty Harry. Although they are not officially canon , it's speculated that the novels fill in the seven-year gap in time between The Enforcer to Sudden Impact. In the novels, Dirty Harry is portrayed more as an epic hero than he was in the films, although he remains somewhat of the self-centered person he was in the movies. Harry's all alone now, with nothing but a. Published September He's corrupt enough to be cozy with the Mob, rich enough to afford friends in the highest places, and ruthless enough to kill anything that stands in his way.

Dirty Harry's standing there all right, and he doesn't intend to give an inch. Someone is grabbing young women from the bars, campuses, and streets of San Francisco and doing unspeakable things to their minds and bodies. Someone is setting up cops against black nationalists in a violent inter-city war, playing both sides for bloody fools.

Someone is looking for deadly trouble when a gorgeous policewoman baits "Dirty Harry" Callahan into a showdown that can only be settled with bare fists and Magnum lead! Published December Not even losing his badge can keep "Dirty Harry" Callahan away from Magnum-powered action. Now Harry's working for a millionaire, and battling dope-running sea pirates from San Francisco to Mexico's heroin-packed shores. Behind the scenes and the big guns is his old enemy Father Nick.

An underworld kingpin and ex-con, Nick can't let the past die, and Harry won't let the mobsters live! Published March Once it was the Boston Strangler, now the killer has a knife and is carving up college girls. Dirty Harry will slice through the slime to find him. Published April Winos brutally slain on San Francisco's skid row. Beautiful young women butchered in the act of sex by a perverted killer.

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The acts of two men, or one? Not even Dirty Harry knows.

Connie Britton to Star in Bravo Anthology Series ‘Dirty John’

But he's going to find out, if he has to break every law to do it. Where there's marijuana, there's money. Where there's money, there's murder.