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The assumption was right — Cite This For Me formatted everything for me in a correct style Harvard, APA format , or otherwise , including inline citations. Some distant school-writing memories came back to remind me that I needed an essay plan. At Soviet school we used to practice pieces of writing on different classical literature books — not quite essays, as they were dedicated purely to one piece and had to elaborate on the plot or philosophy of the book in question, but quite similar as they were just another writing exercise.

Previous study experience seems to have made me slightly wiser finally! Ok, half of this time was probably spent on something else, but at least I started — this is always the hardest first step for me.

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I thought things through and wrote down a clear and structured plan. Having a plan for my essay helped a lot. My worry was that it would evolve multiple times while writing, but it never did so it was a good plan! The first two points of my plan were a struggle: it took me over 3 hours to nail them.

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However, the rest of my arguments fell into place and, once my structure was clear and tested, I had finished my essay in about 10 hours in total. I then spent an extra 2 hours going back and forth to fill in missing pieces of information, like book pages and quotes, but Cite This For Me saved me another couple of hours of pure reference formatting. Collective knowledge about essay writing is outlined in a neat step-by-step guide in WikiHow WikiHow to write a research essay, no date.

When do you think I did referencing for this? Not learning fast… but here it is, my reference list:. The Importance of Engagement in the Learning Experience.

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Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.

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An unforgettable historical, high-octane adventure. South to rescue her older brother. South to war. The squad links up with the dino-mounted troops of the The ruined streets below are hunting grounds for rogue robots and Eaters. She understands why she's never met a human besides her father. She even understands why The Healing Spell. Critically acclaimed author Kimberley Griffiths Little brings to life a sweeping and heartfelt story set Critically acclaimed author Kimberley Griffiths Little brings to life a sweeping and heartfelt story set against the lush backdrop of the bayou.

Twelve-year-old Livie is living with a secret and it's crushing her.

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She knows she is responsible for her mother's I Love You. A snuggly cloth book with a mirror from Caroline Jayne Church! I love my fingers.