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For the month of August, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of the Kindle edition early! Enter here. Also available in a premium hardcover edition from Subterranean Press. The Harper Connelly Mysteries Biblio. The Cemetery Girl Mysteries Biblio.

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Pretenders Inheritance Haunted. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries Biblio. The Lily Bard Mysteries Biblio. Midnight, Texas Biblio. Other Mysteries Biblio. Anthologies Co-edited with Toni Kelner Biblio. Short Stories Biblio. Harris artfully keeps the mask on the killer until the stunning conclusion. Charlaine Harris has a great future as a writer. It offers a rarity in popular fiction: an unromanticized portrait of a Southern Girl. It is simply a well-written good read. This is not to say she has neglected suspense. If Harris ever wanted to return to her roots, Nickie and friends could be the basis of a great Southern-set cozy series.

Aurora is a heroine more capable than even she knows…This page turning novel kept me guessing who the killer was right up until the end. Aurora is a delightful, realistic and funny character. Her reasoning moves her forward in her investigation, and her wit gets her through. The pacing is comfortable; it never races forward, but it never feels too slow either. The plot works and the setting works.

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Weaving an intricate plot once again, and further expanding the always colourful world of Roe, Harris has crafted another winning mystery that is completely addictive. The plot moves quickly and there are several subplots that keep the reader involved with the characters.

I did. Rose looks forward to investigating the mystery, decorating her new home, and enjoying married life. Then everything begins to unravel. Charming secondary characters and homely sub-plots abound, making this and the preceding mysteries worth reading. A winner for Harris this time out. For all collections.

Harris skillfully captures small-town life, giving the story added realism. Essential for most collections. Aurora, a smart and witty protagonist, possesses all the Southern charm necessary to carry this entertaining series.

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Fans will be delighted to have intrepid Roe back on the case once again! Throughout the Aurora Teagarden books, she threads the needle between cozy and edgy, but in this fast-paced tale, she pushes it further toward the latter. Make room in the To Be Read Pile.

She is a beautiful writer, able to effortlessly flip between fresh prose and acerbic wit…Highly recommend this series. I certainly did. Harris, known for her series featuring Aurora Teagarden, takes a dark turn here, and it pays off. All in all, a fine effort from Harris. A fine writer has written her best book yet. Bravo, Ms. A memorable character, Lily brings new meaning to the term strong woman. Warshawski even on a bad day. It also has a full complement of the eminently realistic eccentric characters with whom Harris peoples her books.

Reading a book by Charlaine Harris is like meeting with your favorite neighbor in a small Southern town over coffee and cookies in her kitchen and having a cozy chat with lots of juicy gossip. I look forward to reading other books in the series. Harris weaves her writerly magic once again and has captured my imagination. I highly recommend this book to mystery buffs and for those who enjoyed any of Mrs. Like Hansel and Gretel, Harris has carefully distributed breadcrumbs of suspense and intrigue throughout the narrative, titbits about the residents featured and vignettes of delight when interacting with Lily and these all serve to invite readers to return safely to Shakespeare and the adventures of its heroine, Lily Bard.

The reading is fast and the actions faster, proving that women really are the better half.

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Harris again shows her thoughtful way of weaving a complex plot into a seamless, compact story. The supporting characters also captivate the reader…. Harris delivers murder with a distinct edge and an amateur sleuth training to move mountains while she cleans up the town.

Lily Bard is Kinsey and V. They are quixotic combinations of practicality, spotenaity, weaknesses and strengths… The plot was well drawn and, I must admit, the final chapter of the book was a surprise. If you enjoyed the first one, you will love the second one.

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  6. The denizens of Bartley form a memorable gallery of secondary characters. Add tight plotting and a smooth style, and its no surprise that Harris has reached a new high. Rather than just another amateur sleuth mystery, Harris conjures a seamless story that delves below the surface of small-town life…Harris takes chances with this unique series. Harris has written a wonderful novel that adds much to this top rate dark cozy series.

    She just keeps getting stronger and better. I think Charlaine Harris should be congratulated for her fantastic characterization and plot pacing. A supporting cast of quirky characters fully rendered in quick strokes will hold readers as surely as the complex resolution in this cozy on the bleeding edge of noir.

    Lily Bard is an intriguing character, and readers will enjoy her attempts to make sense of human nature in general, and men in particular. This smart, gutsy woman is a terrific character. She is fearful but refuses to let it paralyze her. Her relationship with her clients is fascinating, too.

    While the details of the mystery unfold, so does this complex and very human woman. It is fast, straightforward, and well-plotted. Opening it is like diving into the water; it is shocking, chilling and fun. Her ability to convey the insularity, the family histories and the gossipyness of a small Southern town without making it all sound stereotypically stupid is a testament to her skill as a writer and storyteller.

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    For anyone who enjoys mysteries, I cannot recommend this series enough! This strengthens a strong character and turns a wonderful series into a powerhouse. Harris comes through with her typical brand of understated humor…Have I said lately how much I love Charlaine Harris?