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This meeting is packed full of information so make sure you bring a pad and paper. The best part is that we are 1 in terms of member productivity. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected.

Sep Sales Ended. Event description. Read more Read less. At this meeting we will cover the following 1. Building a million dollar portfolio in 2 years or less 2. How to scale up at a fast pace starting with very little money or credit 3.

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Strategies to find business partner to help you grow 4. How to present your number and figures so others want to be a part of your business 5. How to buy low rehab right and get your deal refinanced 6. How to do proper due diligence? How to get ready for the closing? How much do you actually pay for each service at the closing?

Do you know what your attorney is charging when you order title? See You at the Meeting!

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Computing Science Resources

Business Class. In this lesson students investigate giving directions with sufficient clarity that a robot or sprite can carry them out. You may like to play a short video from YouTube showing the portrayal of robots in science fiction, e. Star Wars or Lost in Space. Begin by discussing this question:. Students need to understand that robots are really computers that are programmed by humans to carry out tasks.

This avoids the thorny issue of whether robots will become self-thinking in the future. A programme is composed of a set of instructions that the robot can interpret. Ask the students to work in pairs. One student is the programmer and the other student is the robot. The challenge is:. You may need to clarify the meaning of perimeter. Let the students work for a few minutes to work through their instructions. Some recording will be necessary. When you gather the class ask a few pairs to model the instructions.

These issues should surface. Tell the students that they are going to use software called Scratch which is a programming language. Play Video One which shows the creation of a set of commands to draw a square. You might stop the video at certain points to allow students to set up the programme themselves. Video Two shows how to set up a block that can be altered to draw any regular polygon. The prefixes of the polygons many angles indicate the number of angles, e.

Let the students explore how to create other polygons. At some point gather the class to see if they have generalised how to create a n-gon polygon with any number of sides. In general, it is the combination of number of sides and angle that determines whether the path closes a space. Angle as a turn is one of the most fundamental concepts in Geometry and Measurement. So, how much has it turned to make a triangle, square, pentagon..? What values for the variables side length, angle and number of sides do you enter so the beetle draws a circle? Is that possible?

Maximising the repetitions to , and minimising the distance and angle to one, creates a polygon that looks like a circle. In fact, the shape is a gon. Some students might wonder how many sides and angles a circle has. In this session students apply their knowledge of programming in Scratch to create paths. There are seven challenges which vary in difficulty as indicated by the number of stars on the cards See Copymaster One.

Let student choose a level of difficulty that they think is appropriate for them. Students may wish to work in pairs to work on the challenges.

Starting A Capsule Wardrobe from Scratch

Note that there are often many different programmes that produce the same outcome. Also, remind the students that they are trying to get as close as they can to the target paths. It is difficult to get the coding identical to the original. Gather the class after a suitable time of exploration. Discuss how they went about answering the challenges. Points to bring out are:. Student might enjoy the opportunity to create path challenges for others. You might create your own set of challenge cards with solution coding on the back. So far students have worked from a shape to create code. In this lesson they are given the code and expected to anticipate the shape that will be drawn.

After anticipating they can always recreate the code on Scratch to see what happens but that is not the aim.


Pre-made codes for use in sessions three and four are available in the Scratch Codes zip file. Show your students PowerPoint One. Several question bubbles appear as you click the mouse. Recording the information in pieces before assembling the whole figure is very useful. You can find the code saved as ScratchCode- LetterA. After you have worked through Slide One ask the students to attempt Slide Two in pairs or threes. The code draws a sand timer figure. Allow the students sufficient time to anticipate the figure that will be drawn.

Then gather the class together.