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But that was just a personal issue, not an issue with the series and how it was written. If none of these thematic issues bother you, this would be a very interesting and different read. This is not your typical paranormal romance, but I did not have a category that fit exactly, and I didn't want to make a new one just for this series.

It is sensitively done, but if that is not your thing, steer clear. The world of the Horse Mistress is vivid and engaging. It is set in a world similar to Britain of the Druids at the time of the Roman invasion.

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It concerns three main characters who find each other, and against all odds fall in love and become the best versions of themselves. Our characters are Carivel, the titular Horse Mistress, who has been living as a man so she can do the job she loves. Andoc The world of the Horse Mistress is vivid and engaging. Andoc is the warrior, who contrary to many warrior stereotypes, is kind and nurturing. Senovo is the eunuch priest who resents his forced castration at the hand of slavers and fears the wolf that is the other side of him that comes out in times of stress. As the collection begins, our characters are thrown together because of a devastating attack on their village that leaves them in positions of new authority.


Through the set of four novels, they must learn to cooperate both personally and professionally with each other. They also navigate the tricky waters of having a three-person relationship built on communication and true feelings for each other.

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She writes about a poly trio that is believable. The sex that is one the page and, yes, there is a lot of it or the BDSM serves a character-based purpose and propels the story forward. It also happens to be really hot. The fantasy setting for this story is very approachable. The characters feel real and familiar without being directly from out history.

As for the narration, Gwendolyn Druyor is wonderfully gifted. I do most of my book consumption through audiobooks, so I have heard many performances from big name narrators to those with only a few indie titles. If the person is eating or has something in his mouth, we hear that, too. Druyor brings the sounds of life to this audio and makes it compelling and engaging because of it. I definitely recommend both this author and this narrator. The series was an unexpected find that is full of action, adventure, humor, pathos, and blistering scenes of intimacy.

The audio performance makes it that much better. I plan on seeking out their individual works in the future, and I suspect they may work together again on the connected Lion Mistress series set in the same world. If you are going to go through the trouble of reading or listening to any of the novels in this set, do yourself a favor and buy the complete collection. You save money and get more content. I received a free copy of this ebook and audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review. Well, I didn't see that coming! Steffan with the link for the prequel in audiobook.

So I thought "It's short, I'll listen to it while I relax playing on my tablet". Needless to say I was hooked in the first 5 minutes. The story of Andoc and Senovo was sweet and captivating and a nice introduction to their world, so of course once it was finished I started Well, I didn't see that coming! The story of Andoc and Senovo was sweet and captivating and a nice introduction to their world, so of course once it was finished I started "The Horse Mistress, Book 1" and immediately bought the rest of the series.

There is magic, there are shape-sifters, there are battles placed in an era sort of medieval and there is love, so much love between the three main characters. There are some BDMS scene's but their very light and only as part of the story. The writing is also very good and the author creates a very beautiful and believable world from organizing the battles, to taking care of the horses and the procedures and rituals of the temple's. The rating is for the whole series not for each book separately. The reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is because I felt that same parts of the books were rushed and because as I as an individual I couldn't came to terms with Carivel's decision.

I admit it was an angle I read for the first time so it's new to me but her love for Senovo and Andoc was so beautiful that I couldn't stop reading their story.

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Now I can't wait for "The Lion Mistress" since Favian was one of my favorite characters in the series. Aug 02, C. Taking place in a tribal setting, where clans are highly structured and socially demanding, Carivel struggles with her role as a man with a woman's body.

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She falls in love with shape-shifting eunuch Senovo and warrior Andoc. Their menage is lovely, explicit, and intense. Beyond the confines of gender and sexuality. The plot, too, is captivating. I read through these quickly, caught up in plot twists and harrowing experiences. Though Carivel has a lot of issues to deal with, she's not let off the hook when it comes to society. Other characters defy gender and sexuality expectations and Carivel must learn to be a leader, even when breaking the rules could mean death. There's powerful meaning in this tale. It's challenging in all the right ways, and quite a story, too.

I was not compensated, coerced, or flattered into an opinion. This was a really good series. I loved watching them grew.

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  8. The only thing that really didn't seem to get tied up is the war. There was a couple of encounters but no real full out battle, well other than the end but that didn't really go very far. This is my first book by the author and certainly won't be my last. The Horse Mistress Series is a fantastic listen. You will get swept up in the world of the main characters Carivel-the horst mistress , Andoc-the warrior, and Senovo-the priest.

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    7. I could not stop listening to this audiobook and did not want it to end. The book does contain some hot steamy sex scenes, BDSM and bisexual lovers but it is all done in a good way. The author creates a world that is captivating, entertaining and most en This is my first book by the author and certainly won't be my last. The author creates a world that is captivating, entertaining and most engaging. Narrator did an excellent job bringing all the characters to life. You will not be disappointed in this audiobook, so do yourself a favor and get it now.

      This audiobook was provided to me by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchanged for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast. In my reviews of the first three books, I commented on which of the protagonists got the whump that book. In the fourth, they're talking things out and working together.

      They each still have challenges to face, separately and together. We learn more about Carivel's childhood. I liked that each of the protagonists got more understanding from the people around them.

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      This is the first book in the series I have listened to so it took me a bit to catch up and keep all the characters straight. While it is it's own story, I am not familiar with the backstory of the characters this is where some of my confusion came in. Even with that I was pulled into the story from the beginning and it kept my attention from the start. Very entertaining, interesting and enjoyable story.

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      I enjoyed the story enough that I am looking forwar 4. I enjoyed the story enough that I am looking forward to the next installment, before that though at some point I would like to listen to the series from the beginning. The book gives a disclaimer warning even before you start listening so anyone listening should not be offended by anything that goes on inside the story.

      That was your opportunity to turn it off. The synopsis tells you everything you need to know except that it's a really good story and worth the listen. I would start at the beginning of the series though. A world where certain individuals have gifts or are shifters. What an interesting and unusual cast of characters. Shifters, eunuch's, priest's, prostitutes and more. Really enjoyed the world the author has created. Gwendolyn Druyor did a great job with the narration. Easy to listen to for long periods of time. Clearly spoken with a smooth even pace.

      Really good character voices.