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In doing so we are effectively assuming a position of leadership and teaching that prior to was not available to us. This article is what drew me to your blog and it so far is the one I like the best. The more I participate in social media venues the more I find myself in a teaching positions with others who are new to it and do not seem to have a clue about how far their words will go. A serious responsibility comes with the ability to publish your thoughts. I was glad to see you giving it some attention. I totally agree. It helped some understand how it can be rude to both use and not text messaging in certain environments.

The more things speed around, the more we need some structure to hang things on. The area of technology and spirituality is one that I am spending an increasing amount of time contemplating. I would like to see how Challies approaches the theology of the topic and in particular the ways in which the use of media forms us. What hath linguistics to do with Web 2. Much in every way. I love to connect technology with theology but not every connection is appropriate or wise.

Tim Challies on "Life and Faith After the Digital Explosion” - BibleStudyTools Video

I am interested in how our information technology devices and media have shaped the way we understand communication, even communion with God. A rich and complex topic to begin with, it seems that to say information technology has not influenced how we understand communication with God, prayer in particular, would be naive.

The same goes for meditation on the Lord, especially through time spent in the Word — can we sustain deep, prolonged contemplation of static, textually-based information revelation? Contrary to what a lot of Christian writers seem to believe, I think actively using technology and social media can play a role in deepening our relationships with God and each other. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and scholarship regarding the issue of technology and hope you will keep it up.

I might want to pick your brain sometime over coffee or lunch. I am a librarian at Dallas Baptist University.

The Next Story by Tim Challies (Summary Review)

Also, thanks for the kind words about the shiny buttons. What I mean to say is that when it comes to controversial subjects, people often allow the speed of the internet to influence their whether or not they say something and the tone with which they say it.

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