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The food is amazing. We were a party of 3. We ordered 2 appetizers and 3 lentil soups. I had the duck stew which appeared to be braised and was super tender over rice. It was amazing. The other 2 people in my party ordered the sea bass and a seafood curry bowl which tasted amazing. Just a warning. If you go once, you will be hooked and will always want to go back. Unbelievably good food, every time I've been there it's been stellar. Gorgeous atmosphere, great service, all around gem of a place.

We are so lucky to have The Tulip and the Rose in Franklin. It's a warm inviting atmosphere, great food and a really wonderful place to relax with friends. Every time I visit there is something new to try, always delicious! Strong coffee, real crab on the benedict, rich cheesecake. Amazing atmosphere, super welcoming, and lots to look at - the kind of place you'll want to spend all day in. Tip well, the staff is fantastic!

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Looked inviting on the outside and our dining experience was excellent. Our food was very tasty, super friendly service and one of the cleanest establishments we've been to. Would go back in a heartbeat! Special talents : good at mimicking people. Jaehyeong is from Samcheok. He really likes Roy Kim. Of course it helps!

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Thank you! And thanks a lot for all your help in making the profile better! No problem, we can perfectly understand your English. Apparently Hajoon is friends with N.

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Woosung still has a scar from the operation of his left shoulder. Woosung has a tattoo on his arm. Woosung is allergic to cats, woosungs favorite type of cookie is an oatmeal cookie and his favorite book is the hunger games.

Yes, it is already specified in his profile that he is lactose intolerant. Thanks for the comment! When Jaehyeong was asked which actions of women are he fluttered by, he answered : When she stares at me… like this with big round eyes… and cheek fat LOL.

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In less then 11 hours is their comeback. Could you Update the pictures? Each of them has 2 individual picures. We gave you credits in the post! Your help in making the profile better is really appreciated! Especially Ash and Sammy!

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This is what I love with being a fan… stalking XD. Hi…the twitter account for The Rose is incorrect. The official twitter is throseofficial the one you have listed is for a fan. All your help in making this profile better is really appreciated! Your help in making this profile better is really appreciated! According to their fan page on IG. Jaehyeong had surgery before debut because of lungs problems, Hajoon likes to tell bad jokes, Dojoon is really organised, Woosung walks around the house naked.

Source: officiallykmusic interviews. Woosung also has a tattoo of a crown on his left arm right under the other one you could see it in his latest VLive! Sorry for my previous comment I was misinformed. Thank you for this lovely Article.

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Like The Rose very much. This Music is Epic and let Dreams flow! He never rapped in any songs of The Rose. Only for some covers they did when they were Windfall. Please re-edit Hajoon birthday is July 29th not 26th. It is confirmed in their fancafe official calender. The handle was changed to KhaleesiCry and everything the boys posted has been deleted. Woosung got a new tattoo on the back of his neck. It says He posted it on his Instagram story. I was gonna post their comeback photos, but, I seen that someone already posted them.

Can you please update their group photo and their individual photos? Comeback is in a few days!

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  7. Hide your kids, hide your wife coz he be comin after all yo wigs. Dojoon is an Aries, not Taurus. Woah, WHAT?!

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    I hope this is not in the house the members live together in. That is so strange. Does anyone know the reason? Jaehyeong is by far the tallest. Woosung is probably like cm or something. He wears platform shoes all the time. Their company has finally put out a proper profile and official heights on their website. Log In. Reserve a Table. View Menus. Welcome to The Rose. Opening Times Friday: - Saturday: - Sunday: - Monday: - Tuesday: - Wednesday: - Thursday: -